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Erik Delaney - Drums, Harmony Vocals

Erik Delaney from Marshall Catch
Erik was born on a ranch, his mother "Harriet Tubman Delaney" having given birth while artificially inseminating a cow a few feet away. The legendary multitasking abilities are a matter of Delaney family pride, and Erik carries on the tradition by learning how to walk and chew gum at the same time by age 19, which stands as a family record to this day. Growing up, Erik's older sister had a very specific neurosis regarding the Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn, and as a result the family decided shortly after he was born that the best course of action was to convince Erik that he was, in fact, a chicken hawk. This lasted until roughly seventh grade.
Being a real cowboy, Erik refers to Luke's cowboy hat as "The Soggy Taco," which causes some confusion because Tyler hellaciously refers to OTHER parts of Luke's wardrobe as "The Soggy Taco." It is unclear which taco will ultimately prevail at this time.

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Thanks to his dimples and authentic southern accent, the band relies heavily on Erik to infuse sex appeal into situations where needed, especially when money is low and the band needs to make it back home. His Lot Lizard nickname is "The Poundy Logger."
Erik has eaten bull testicles many times, on account the fact that he annually attends several regional "Bull-Neutering Parties" where participants dress up as giant squirrels or other wildlife, and systematically castrate the yearlings. It is implied that there are both Kung Fu AND sexual components to this, but due to Erik's limited conversational skills none of the band has been able to fully understand what they are. They just sort of "let him have this one," according to bassist Matt Haun, "like a mulligan, for weirdoes." While intoxicated, Erik has been known to trap complete strangers in conversations for hours wherein he monologues in Shakespearean lengths about the aphrodisiacal qualities of "Rocky Mountain Oysters."
At one point during a set break in Alberta, Erik had a local nurse, a daycare owner, three tourists, and half a battalion of Royal Canadian Mounted Police convinced he was the re-incarnated embodiment of John Wayne's younger brother, Horace. After a near-riot and a thinly-veiled performance-related pay increase, the bar owner was impressed enough to allow Erik to put his pants on a leave without handcuffs.
Erik owns a quarter-horse named "Fluffy," and a deaf bulldog dog named "Shiner." He has a semi-illegal obsession with Cheryl Crow, even writing a song about her and marketing it to radio some years back. With lyrics like "Your wrinkly leather skin makes it so hard to not want in," the entire band was disappointed when he was seemingly passed up for a Grammy. Erik is unable to watch the movie "The Brave Little Toaster" without bursting into tears, and when he gets out of line the rest of the band threatens to "bring out the toaster." It is unknown if they are referring to an actual bread toaster or the movie, but regardless it seems to bring Erik back to his happy place again and he usually behaves for the duration of whatever situation they are wrapped up in.

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