Marshall Catch

Marshall Catch was formed in the Flathead Valley in Montana in 2010 by lead singer and frontman Luke Lautaret, whose dichotomous role as both a Minister of Music at a local congregation and an apparent heretic (at the same local congregation) came to a head and he was forced to give up that particular career in exchange for saner enterprises, which ironically included being in a rock band.
The son of a pastor, and raised with a flair for smithing words and concepts into emotive and impactful narratives, Luke turned his newfound infamy in local religious circles as a chance to flip over a new leaf and pursue his lifelong dream of being a rock star who was allowed to sing about being in love with someone who wasn't Jesus.
Nestled in between the peaks of Glacier National Park, the Rocky Mountains, and some of the most sought-after real estate in the country, The Flathead Valley was ripe for new music that was both fresh and contemporary-sounding, yet still retained a sense of realism and earthiness that brings a listener back again when the song is over. Initially comprised of Aaron Danreuther on guitars, George Kimerly IV on drums, and Aidan Foshay on Bass, Marshall Catch set the local music scene on fire with a series of potent, high-energy live concerts that showcased the band's stage presence and knack for storytelling, stealing the focus even in a room full of people who were usually far too drunk to listen to a story that didn't end with the words "okay, I'll go home with you."

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Jared Denney, a multi-instrumentalist who saw the band and recognized the potential for good music, camaraderie, and good times, joined in the fall of 2010 on keyboards, ultimately replacing George on drums when the latter moved to Colorado in 2012. Matt Haun joined the band as the sound technician and backup bass player in early 2011, eventually joining the lineup in 2013 when original Marshall Catch Bassist Aidan Foshay accidentally made too many babies with his wife Angie and was forced to choose a real job over one whose pay scale included free drink refills, floozies, and hotel rooms with yellow "Crime Scene" tape still on the mattresses.
The band released their first album "Ad Meliora" in early 2011, to widespread critical obscurity, since no self-respecting music critic would ever care about anything happening in Montana. The fans, however, clamored for the release, eventually selling out all copies and requiring two re-pressings to satiate the demand on the road. In 2012, the band released the Rob Stroup-Produced EP "Make Noise," which garnered the radio singles "More Than Myself" and the duet "These Times," achingly sung with Lautaret's sister Rachel about the latter's home being foreclosed upon in the housing bust of 2008. In fact, it was that loss, coupled with a few other proverbial curveballs that life threw at Lautaret, that became the impetus for forming the band in the first place. The Marshall Catch sound has since graced the ears of the listeners of radio stations from Des Moines, Iowa to Eugene, Oregon. Hard copies of both recordings have since sold out, and future pressings are on hold as the band focuses on their second full-length album, tentatively titled "Chasing Ghosts & Dreams."
Now in their 6th year on the road, Marshall Catch hits the stage with a powerful live show, melding the poignant songwriting of Cat Stevens with the guitar-driven sounds of Collective Soul. With Tyler Rounds being brought in on Lead Guitar to replace an outgoing Aaron (who apparently had to get a jay-oh-bee), and Erik Delaney stepping in on drums, the band boasts harmonies that lend a nod to early Eagles records, and riff-rock anthems that channel the feel-good bands of LA's Sunset Strip in the 1980's. The band has garnered widespread acclaim from audiences, radio stations, and critics alike for their ability to play stripped-down and intimately, or full-throttle rock and roll on some of the biggest stages in the Pacific Northwest.