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Tyler Rounds - Lead Guitars

Tyler Rounds from Marshall Catch
Tyler Quincy Eloisious Fairchild McGoo-Rounds The 3rd was born a man, strolling out of his relieved mother sporting a 3-inch-long beard and pair of rainbow suspenders with a vintage 1970's Smiley Face sticker covering up his genitalia as he performed an impromptu song and dance version of "You're The One That I Want" from the Grease Soundtrack immediately upon exiting the womb. After unsuccessfully attempting to seduce a nurse into the duet, Tyler simply sang Olivia Newton-John's parts himself, in a falsetto voice he called "The Happy Jelly Beaner" His parents nicknamed him "Candi," with a heart instead of a period above the letter "i".
Tyler suffers from low self-esteem due to his gargantuan head, and is forced to purchase wire-frame sunglasses because the plastic ones pinch him and give him migraines. In fact, the entire reason Tyler joined Marshall Catch in the first place was because it afforded him the opportunity to scour the country in search of other people with the same condition he has. His dream is to form a coalition of huge-headed people, with enough members that they could force the sunglasses companies to finally start fabricating larger-sized glasses. He is an amateur herpetologist.

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When it is other band member's birthdays, Tyler likes to dress up in a coconut bra and a hula skirt, and break into their hotel rooms singing a melody of island-themed songs while playing Ukelele. He just recently added "Cocacobana" by Barry Manilow to his repertoire, and couldn't be happier. This is the primary reason that Marshall Catch can't seem to keep a drummer.
As a side job, Tyler provides Brazilian waxing services to loggers. The money isn't great, but he is one of only two people in the world who service this niche market, and it provides him extra income to spend on his true passion, which is the study and admiration of James Madison, the shortest president of the United States of America. "Jim doesn't get enough recognition" Tyler often says as visitors tour "the Madison Room" in his apartment, "but he was an attentive lover."
Lead singer Luke Lautaret was initially impervious to Tyler's charm, even expressing some concern as to whether or not Tyler would ever really fit in with the Marshall Catch crew. However, when Tyler dropped the conversational bomb that he had attended a Black Sabbath concert with his own mother, Luke realized he had come from good stock and could potentially grow into a capable person. Tyler was henceforth offered the position of "Lead Guitarist" with Marshall Catch, and has dressed like a pirate ever since to celebrate. He only owns three shirts, and they all say "Rush" on them. He isn't particularly a fan of the band Rush; it's just a silent homage to the first time he made love. To a woman.
If Marshall Catch ever becomes famous (and, more importantly, rich) Tyler's only significant plans with his share of the money would be to open a "Cat Sanctuary" or a "Catuary" as he likes to call it. "I've always fancied myself a slightly more masculine version of Catwoman" said Tyler one time in the tour bus after a few too many IPA's, "I have the suit and I look great in leather. And I could see myself being happy with George Clooney's Batman. But not Christian Bale. Christian doesn't have sensitive eyes, he just isn't gentle. But I do love cats. They are great, almost mythical creatures."
Tyler's main stage guitar is a Gibson Flying V named Helga. His backup axe, a Gibson SG is named Hilda, is set up slightly higher to play slide guitar on select Marshall Catch songs, because Tyler's probation officer suggested maybe "having something always wrapped around your finger, like a guitar slide, would help you resist the negative impulses." The rest of the band has no idea what that means, but they all sleep with one eye open on the tour bus regardless . The two guitars are, according to Tyler, sisters. His favorite wig is red, and is modeled after Jessica Rabbit's signature hair.
Musically, Tyler doesn't care about any albums released since 1978, with the exception of The Lion King soundtrack. He suggests, often loudly and when no one is really listening, that all music since that point in history has been terrible, and not worth the hard drive space that could otherwise be used for high-def memes with pictures of cats on them. Several of Tyler's girlfriends have encouraged him to look into more modern music, to which he usually replies he will instead "look into a more vintage girlfriend."

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